Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's about time!

"I don't like this place." The lush August greenery could not keep my mind off the fact that I would be away from my comfort zone for four years.
"You'll be alright, come on." said Ma, with a slight tinge of hesitation in her usually sure voice.

Everything draws to a close- hostel life, mess food, friendship and enmity, and another life phase. Four years too many, which surprisingly passed away in a blinking moment. The learning process has been tremendous, the debacles even greater. I can't quantify the things I've gained here, but everything put together, the journey has been enlightening.

I have to thank a few people, lash out at some. I have been extremely lucky to have met some of the finest people in my life hitherto, each capable of scaling great heights in his or her own way. I have lost out on some wonderful people as well, and to them my best always.

Gain and loss are the two sides of the same coin- inextricably connected so as to keep you buoyed at all times. I have gained tremendously in these four years, and lost even more. There's always a hint of sorrow in every achievement. Give me a moment to reminisce about theses four years.

Closures are easy for some, and immensely irksome for others. You can put things behind you and move to a different place with ease, and then you can always be a man of marginal status. I am caught somewhere in the transition, desperately trying to hold on to R for inane reasons.

There were a lot of milestones that I wanted to achieve in these four years, and almost everywhere, I have left the task incomplete. Since we're in the series of lasts, this post will go on the list as 'the last post on my blog.' A hundred I wanted it to be, but we never get what we want in life. Compromises galore.

As I woke up this morning and looked out of my balcony, everything seemed strange. The facade of the hostel, the trees in the garden and the dew on the grass blades. I've been bid adieu, whether I like it or not. I'll carry everything with me, everyone for all the good and the bad. This fabric of woven moments would perhaps be the richest I'll ever have. To say goodbye is enervating, and to leave unspoken even worse. That's the destiny of every page in the book of life, it withers with time. Crumbles, flying off in the gentle breeze.


  1. Brilliant man... I had been trying to come up with something like this.. you just summed it up beautifully for all of us. :)

  2. You, soldier, are not going anywhere until you get your ass down to that badminton court once again!

  3. I too was thinking of being nostalgic and all you know, but my btp hit me hard.

  4. can i get ur mail id? need to know how to approach and write for technical optional ?